Today’s Drifting Thoughts: The Year 2005 — Through The Looking Glass, Part V

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

May 2005 — In a Shopping Spree

Sometimes I just wondered though: are dreams something that reflects a person’s desires and feelings?” — May 31, 2004

Main Events

  • Back from Penang trip, and being robbed for the first time ever
  • Got my first loan installment
  • Got SEB110 <333 (and many J-Euro CDs)
  • Read Fruit Basket for the first time (and has become my favourite manga ever)
  • Got myself a laser printer and a hell lot of other stuff
  • Fall my face hard in terms of relationship


May is pretty much like a shopping spree month for me, seeing how many things I have bought on that month itself. Yeah… Reminded me that that month is the time when I got my first installment of my loan money. That… pretty much reflects how bad my spending habits were.

For the first time I ever get robbed, honestly that was the most scariest incident I had up until now. I can still remember how panic I were and Allen have to go through all my incoherent talking ^^”. Luckily my parents are really supportive that really helps a lot.

Other than that… honestly speaking, it’s pretty much a shallow month for me, considering most happenings are much more materialistic in nature. But I suppose that does mask away my depression for the time being? shrugs Honestly I can’t think of much that reminds me of May actually.

Anyway, the interesting stuff is picking up in June ^^.

[:: offtopic/ current thoughts ::]

OK, just grabbed Christine’s Wings Into The Sky off from Ahmed’s folder (again :p). [to Ahmed, hope you don’t mind me digging through your folder] And hmmm~ It really sounds interesting, because somewhat it didn’t sound anywhere close to being Eurobeat at all (except for the song structure). But I really like how the song turns out, it’s like… a cross of… say, oriental, new age and Eurobeat. As the song starts, it seems to unfold into a really broad horizon. Great song :).

I would love to choreo a para for it, but my initial attempts doesn’t seem to work out. Gah~ hard songs to choreo :p.

Currently I feeling a bit… unenthusiatic, I suppose, it seems that I can’t get motivated enough to start my programming for my final year project >.<”. Hmm…

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