Today’s Drifting Thoughts: The Year 2004 — Through The Looking Glass, Part VII

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

It’s been a while that I haven’t did this, and there’s another 6 left pending in my queue… Honestly I don’t know, probably because the events are too recent that I would like to let them sink in for a while. But judging the fact that 7 is my lucky number, well, I might as well do with some distraction before I napped… AGAIN.

July 2004 — I’ve Been Seeing Cherry Blossom’s Blooming

Maybe I’m starting to grow up myself, and getting better in learning how to recover from situations like this.” — July 6, 2004

Main Events

  • Got a PayPal account, then buy stuff over eBay for the first time… then the rest spells “Major Cash Outflow” 😛
  • Bought from CDJapan 😄
  • Still on CODS 😛
  • Met Eric, whom I considered one of the best paralist we had 😊
  • Knew Choon Hui is attached and taken (i.e. has a girlfriend)… 😞
  • Flooded by midterms and assignments
  • The first ever season of Malaysian Idol started (as much as I didn’t watch much of it)
  • Finally received my package from Dom 😆
  • Some really bad things happen to my friends over LJ (I don’t think I would want to mention that) 😞
  • Being close friends with Erika, Rachael and Soo Hoo
  • Got myself the sexy iPod <333
  • First ever “date” with Choon Hui (note the quotes :p)
  • Having the most LJ entries out of the whole year 😆 (A lot of Today’s Drifting Thoughts post there, I suppose :p)


Ah July! 😄 The most stressful (midterms, assignments and what nots), yet the most happiest month I had over 2004 :), not to mention that I was being quite thoughtful in July as well.

Honestly pretty much I was being pretty social in July actually, thanks to the fact that I knew Choon Hui and Erika better during that time. So pretty much every single day in July is extremely meaningful to me, just a lot of happy and positive thoughts and energy seems to flow into me. The laughter, the fun and the heartbeats… they seems to flow in me until now… 😊

Reading through the longer entries that I had… it just seems that all my drifting thoughts that I have collected all the while means a lot to me actually, for these small little fragment thoughts and inquries, in a way, slowly forms my own views and principles in life. Seeing that, I believe these deep thoughts I had in July play an extremely important role in forming my future. Well… at least something tells me that they are important.

So by that, I can pretty much say that the most prominent month that pretty much represents 2004 is probably July, as it signifies the beginning in a lot of aspects.

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