Today’s Drifting Thoughts: The Year 2004 — Through The Looking Glass, Part VI

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

June 2004 — Walking Proud

… because it’s seems easy for us to say that it’s OK to be alone and love is optional, but desire always arise to disprove that statement.” — June 6, 2004

Main Events

  • Befriended Choon Hui
  • … which, in turn, found my own true love (albiet one-sided). Well, at least the person whom I love the most
  • Starts to coin the term CODS: Crush Over-Dwelling Syndrome XDDD.
  • Starting to translating a hell of of stuff from Chinese to English, and currently became one of my hobbies 😛
  • Completed my PPP video series (at least the numbered ones =3)
  • Quoting myself: “Idiot Homework Sellers Making Advertisement Publicly”. I REALLY hope this is only a prank


June has to be the coolest month in 2004 ^^. Well… honestly speaking this person Choon Hui has pretty much mentioned in almost every single entry in June XDDD. And personally I’m not surprised :3.

Pretty much indirectly, June signifies a turning point in my own life: the start of an end to my own depression, gained back what I believe is lost: my confidence, focus and goals in life… I guess for those who has been following my LJ ever since last June would have known how important Choon Hui is to me: Not only he the perfect person I seek, getting to befriend him have definitely changed my life ever since.

Thinking back, I can still recall all those precious moments with him vividly: the laughter, joy, disappointments and embarrassments. As much as I knew I would never stand a chance to be with him… and probably will never be, he’ll still be the most important friend I would ever had in my whole life. In my heart, and just being his friend is the proudest thing I ever had. Given the chance, I would love to let him know about this personally :3.

Currently I’m still adjusting myself… letting this love go and try to approach him as a great friend. To be frank, I do have my own doubts, knowing that it’d be really hard… and painful to let it go totally, but I believe… that this will be the best for him… and probably for myself as well.

Anyway, I would really like to dedicate Ayumi Hamasaki’s walking proud to him now, as much I know he isn’t into JPop. (Probably Ayu’s Moments and Carols as well)

こんな声は 届きますか
君の胸へ 響きますか

Konna koe wa, todokimasu ka
Kimi no mune e, hibikimasu ka
Kimi no se o ikiru michi shiru be ni
Kyou mo aruitemasu”

Will this voice reach you
And resonates in your heart?
I’ll always let your stature be my life direction
And continue to walk my path today

[:: side note ::]

Woah… 3 long entries in one day…

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