Today’s Drifting Thoughts: The Year 2004 — Through the Looking Glass: Part IV

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

April 2004 — When Drama Unfolds, It Might Be A Good Thing As Well

It’s like… we are the observers of our own life, anticipating something, a goal, perhaps, to happen.” — April 11, 2004

Main Events:

  • Caught up with orange juice addiction (which pretty much means that I’m addicted to anything citrus :p)
  • Nine/Phil/Nine… whatever XDD became my PPS friend, and still will be the most enjoyable Internet friend I had (well… as much as I would say that we didn’t talk much, but I really enjoyed his stuff :3)
  • Become much more active in Parapara: in terms of dance performance… umm, practice would be a better word :p, and choreography 😊
  • Completed MYPPF -The Animation- and the response is a blast! 😄
  • Have my first taste of online relationships… but apparently it didn’t work out
  • Handled my first ever forum flamewar (and god that wasn’t funny)
  • First layout change 😊 (which I’m thinking of changing it soon :p)
  • Interviewed for a job offer as a sprite artist for a local game company (which I got rejected later on :p)
  • Chi/Seraphic Law/drifting_floe went into a sudden haitus. Probably won’t be seeing him again 😞
  • Got my first D in my college/university life :(… which is a total disaster since I’m a total perfectionist
  • Penang trip <333


WOA! Honestly speaking April is the one of the most happening months I had in 2004! 😄 (Even the main event list is longer than what I had expected).

Somewhat it’s just funny to see my own words becoming self-prophecies. On April 9, I wrote “At this point, I have a nasty sense that some drama in my life is starting to unfold…”, guess I’m pretty right on that one, and apparently looking at it, it really an experience to me in many ways: from being a failure, to having great achievements, to having a emotional roller coaster ride… As much as I feel tired at times, but I’m really glad to have these experiences, it does gave me a chance to see that there’s much more things in life to do.

Then in April, I did notice that I brought up the insecurity issues quite a lot actually. Been thinking a lot of about the security issue, my personal identity, and probably my own relationship concept, and really I believe that I really raised quite a lot of good questions for myself to answer (Refer to the longer posts that I have posted up). During that time, my online life is much much more vibrant that it is in my real life actually. I wonder whether is this escapism? Hmm… But then nowadays I do miss chatting with some of my online pals (but then again, I personally can’t find much topics that I can chat about ^^”)

All in all, April is pretty much a really dynamic and dramatic month for me :). It’s fun to surf on the danger waves of life, but this time round I think I better be more prepared before hitting the waves again :p.

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Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.