Today’s Drifting Thoughts: The Year 2004 — Through the Looking Glass, Part I

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

Finally I get round to read my close to 500 LJ entries to reflect back what happened in 2004, so that I can have a summarized account of my own life in 2004. So here it goes 😊 (I think I’ll split it into 12 parts this time, since I can’t possibly squee a few thousand words in on one entry):

January — The Beginning

It’s always a beginning of everything, and this marks a special one because it’s the first time I ever started a journal in the first place :). ” — January 6, 2004

Main Events

  • Started my LJ
  • Ahmed being my first online friend over in PPStage and LJ <=D hugz! And still being the best online friend I ever had now
  • Bean moving out from my house
  • MYPPF being established as an unofficial group 😉
  • Starting up my CD collection
  • Have a crush on Sue Ching


Honestly, speaking of January, it’s really interesting how I even started this LJ. Personally I know I’m the type of person who is pretty lazy to keep a diary in the first place, since I do keep once when I was like 10 or something, but just that the interest wanes pretty soon actually.

Anyway, it really started when PPStage have some sort of a thread where members post up their links of their LJ. And I’m just went there, browse around, and I’m like “Well, since everyone is doing it, why not I just create one account for myself”. And so it turns out into something to be something unexpected which turns my life around.

I still remembered just as soon I posted a link of my LJ in that thread, Ahmed sent me his first ever PM saying that he would like to befriend with me and then he became my first friend listed in my LJ 😸 (sorry that I forgot the actual content in the message, since I have deleted it ^^”). Then I still remembered our first chat over AIM, that just after I said “Hi! :)” and his first response is like “OMG! You are on AIM?!” XDDD

Then pretty much the other stuff isn’t that interesting, well… not to say not really interesting, just that I paid more attention to more school stuff. Well… guess our priorities change from time to time, I guess. But I still remember how depressed I am when Bean moved away… I really missed that intimate closeness during that time that I break down into pieces.

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