From Felix’s Portfolio: Enchanted Garden of War

'Enchanted Garden of War' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Bwee~ New post category for me to label my artwork posts :p.

Anyway, this is for my Virtual Reality assignment, in which we are required to create/render a 3D environment. Guess I finally got a chance to do 3D instead of 2D. Anyway, our group decided to make a garden, called the Enchanted Garden of War, and here’s my design :):

'Enchanted Garden of War' by Seh Hui

(Yay for colour pencils <333, it is a bit sketchy since I only done a draft for it without much considerations :p)

For those who noticed, it is inspired by one of the popular custom maps in Warcraft 2, Garden of War :p.

Anyway, as for now, I’m finally able to start with my programming :3, yay for having the programmer’s block gone… at least temporarily. And currently I’m having fun with GPRS on my phone, and I kept on fiddling it. Probably I would make a few wallpapers for my phone and download some game music MIDI for ringtones <333. (Final Fantasy ringtones, anyone 😊 )

'My Phone'

Yay for the invisible operator logo and GPRS :p. (Just gotta love invisble pixel gif files :p)

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