My Story — A New Chapter?: Greatful days

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My Story by ayumi hamasaki - Part II

A New Chapter?: Greatful days

“短い夏が終わりを告げる その瞬間も君と迎えよう なんで事ない毎日こそが 何よりも素敵だった知ってるから”

Mijikai natsu ga owari o tsugeru Sono shunkan mo kimi to mukae you Nan de koto nai mainichi koso ga Nani yori mo suteki datta shitteru kara”

The short summer is announcing its end I’m willing to welcome this moment with you Because I know all the small, typical things everyday Is much more precious than anything else”

And so we have now come to the last day of the year, which pretty much serves as a good end for a new year :3. So I would really want to wrap my story with the things that happened today, and my future outlook :). (Hence it’s not a drifting thoughts post anymore :p)

Let’s see…. Actually 2004 has been my best year out of all my three college/university years. I believe that I gained and learn a lot during the past 12 months in life. I get to know some really cool friends, online and real life, get to experience with new things, learned quite a lot of life’s lesson, and most of all, have tons of fun. Well, of course, there’re a lot of really depressing downs, but looking back, I did learned quite a lot from those experience. Well… As much as I really hate to remind myself how much people I have hurt during the process. 😞

Actually today has been quite a lot of ends to me: The end of the new year, the end of my 2nd year or parapara, the end of my holidays (school~ Bwee~ I’m mixed on this though, because in some sense I really don’t want school to start XD)… And most probably the most important thing is that today’s my last day on the job. So pretty much I have done my responsibility by wrapping the things that I have done nicely by writing down a lot of notes and some tutorials. As much as I wouldn’t say that my first working experience is anywhere from being the best, but it’s pretty much worth it :3.

Of course the coolest part is that now my hands are on one grand of COLD HARD CA$H~~~ Meh heh heh~ ;p. But pretty I know what to spend with it anyway, but I’ll make sure I’ll shove RM200 to my savings account, just to save it up for a better life, hopefully ;).

There won’t be any countdown parties today to mourn the losses of quake/tsunami victims. The death toll isn’t really that optimistic… (well… since when death tolls CAN be optimistic?) All my condolosence to the victims. 😞 As much Malaysia doesn’t have any real disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and the likes, however our neighbour, Indonesia, does have earthquakes and volcanoes… and that how the tsunami comes about over here. Guess I’m just lucky to be born here somehow.

What else… there’s just too many things in my head that I would really want to say it out at the end of the year…

Guess I’ll just wrap up with my top-five wishes and 2005 and my new year’s resolution (the 5 things that I plan to achieve):

Top 5 Wishes for 2005

(Because I just know if I don’t nail it down to five it’ll become a list of 5 zillion XDDD)

  1. Money, no doubt about it ;p. But speaking of which, I really don’t know whether I should wish for this, because I’m going to be graduating on May. So PROBABLY I’ll be working and earn my own living. But then I suppose some extra money would do me some good because there’s just a lot of things that I would like to own, and I really hope to travel to places like the United States, UK and Japan. Possibily I would like to save it for my masters degree as well, so considering these factors, yeah, it is on my #5 spot.

  2. A stronger Ringgit, probably. Since pretty much the things that I really like have to be imported, mainly from Japan.

  3. Health, not only of my own and of the people whom I cared the most, be it family or friends. Personally I really hate to see people being sick, because that would really make me worry like no end. And I WILL make sure that I’ll do everything to make them feel better in the shortest period of time possible. Occasional coughs and cold is OK, but I would really love to see the people around me being healthy.

  4. Maybe it’s REALLY a tall order for me, considering my own personality, but I really wanted someone special to enter into my life. For one thing for sure is that Choon Hui has definitely opened my eyes, heart and soul. As much as I still can’t seem to get over with him, I really wished that I can meet another person who would have an equal, if not greater, positive impact in my life.

Hopefully that person is also huggable material ;p.

  1. …Last but not least, the top spot really goes for happiness and confidence. I don’t think I need to explain it much, but just to add on, I would really love to be able to express myself in a positive manner and I know that I don’t want to be happy for just one year… but for my whole life. Not to say that I don’t want sadness at all in my life, for sadness is really needed in life as well. But what I’m seeking for is true happiness: Pure bliss, you can say :).

Wow! That really sound like Zen to me XDD.

For my new year’s resolution:

  1. Must learn self control, especially when it comes to money and eBay 😛
  2. To be more confident
  3. Learn to communicate better with others
  4. To get my procrastination habit toned down even more than this year (this is almost the #2 wish EVERY single year)
  5. … To understand my true self… well, probably I AM already my true self, but it seems that I’m not enlighthen yet to notice that fact… Or perhaps I’m still hiding behind a mask… Whatever XDDD.

So there! That’ll be my last entry for 2004. 4 more hours to 2005, so wish you all a happy new year… the WHOLE year and beyond ^^.

謹賀新年 (Japanese),新年快乐 (Chinese), Selamat tahun baru 2005 (Malay) ~~~!! 😊 Proof that I’m multilingual afterall XDDD

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