Sluggish Internet *SLAPS!*

Seh Hui Leong


Gah! For some reasons the Internet is getting REALLY sluggish @_@”. Add the fact that I’m on dialup with makes matters 1000 times worse. Slaps!

Anyway, I’m planning to get the latest distribution of Inkscape now… ;____;. I don’t wanna wait an hour to get it downloaded ;______;.

Here’s another cover art I have done… honestly… it wasn’t much different from the previous design so most probably I would have dump this away. But I do had fun doing the kerning and letter spacing stuff. So I’m still pretty much experimenting the features in Inkscape. Hopefully I’ll go… somewhere with it XDDD.

'Orientation Programme - Version #4'

In other news, all of a sudden someone emailed saying that he really liked my manga site… which I haven’t been maintaining it like… YEARS? XDDD And currently with being “blergh~, that person offered me some webspace to host my site on :). Pretty cool! ^^b. Hmm… I suppose it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, shouldn’t I? Hmmm….

Oh yeah, I NEARLY forgot, Erika and Steven came to my house, and THANK YOU Steven for all the off-colour jokes is sarcastic >:p XDDDD.

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