Poem: My User Info Poem Change

Seh Hui Leong


For those who didn’t notice, my user info basically reflects a lot on myself… and the direction of my own life. My LJ is pretty much a record of my own journeys, which pretty much reflects on my own life from many aspects. And every single post has been done with a lot of heart and soul poured into every single word choice.

I believe it’s time to change it… To signify another milestone.

For those who didn’t get to read the first version (I’m taking it down), here it is, accompanying version 2 at the bottom.

Chapter 1: Jan‘04

A computer science student bored out of his mind
Ends up deciding to trying to inject words into describing his already boring personal life:

Perhaps I’m just waiting for another miracle
Where words come alive and paints a better picture to life

Perhaps I’m awaiting another adventure
Which I might not notice in the past

Perhaps I’m trying to mark my times
When I might notice how wonderful my life have been

Perhaps I would find answer for my questions
“Why I come to the world of existence?”

Perhaps I might see myself clearly
On how I used to think and do

Perhaps… I might be able to understand myself
and appreciate who I am…

Chapter 2: Nov‘04

In awe, I receive messages from the past —
lyrics that become self-prophesies,
coincidences that remind me of my destiny,
voices of singers long gone.

They tell me that whichever path I choose
will take me home.”

— Utada Hikaru, from her Single Collection Vol.1 1998-2003 album cover

No longer I am who I was…
For life have shown me possibilities…

The miracle is now
Where every word dances along with my existence

The adventure is now
Where every single moment is calling for my notice

My times has been marked
When I noticed that life wonders doesn’t only come in joy and happiness

My answers have been found
For existences doesn’t have a reason

For now…
My destiny is clear:
To seek, to appreciate, and to understand…

No matter whichever path I took…
It’ll take me home…

Just believe… the strength within…
For faith is useless if fate is unchangable…

For those who notice, I’m opening up some of my friends-only posts to public… For I know… hiding my feelings is not what I’ll usually do.

So, back to public mode once again :). (Well… I’ll make exceptions when it’s extremely sensitive, that’s all to it 😊 )

[::EDIT: This have been revised for the 3rd time X(. Well… typos are meant to be fixeds, poor paragraphs are worth to be reworded ::]

Written by

Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.