Poem + Prose: The Second (Yet Undelivered… Again) Letter

Seh Hui Leong


Nothing happened today, just study study study study study… You get the idea. The library is much livelier though with a larger gang of friends to study together. 😊 Then… what else, met Rachael and Choon Hui today… And for some reason I feel like I did something really stupid to them both today >.<”, nothing major though.

Ah~ Just random ramblings, I would say :p. Anyway, I wrote this the other day and it is intended to be posted up in our forums, but on second thought, I think I just keep it up here.



[点选歌曲:ayumi hamasaki’s A Song for XX (from A Song for XX)]















总是很关心你的朋友 (也很想演那个时不时 在你身边 做一起度过同甘共苦的角色) 上


[点选歌曲:ayumi hamasaki’s ANGEL’S SONG (from Memorial Address)]

写到这里,电脑萤幕在显示着Wai Loon (维伦?)小史的终章。虽然他那么说难免会为他感到可惜,但是我们亦知道一段故事的结束乃是另一段故事的起端。到那个时候,说不定好的结局早已开演,只看有心记载或否。


The Second (Yet Undelivered… Again) Letter


[Current Music: ayumi hamasaki’s A Song for XX (from A Song for XX)]

To love someone secretively is always full of happiness, imagination and heartaches. In a world of fantasies, the life with him is always flawless and sweet.

But reality is always to extended version of fantasies. When all those tiny details are taken into account, more often than not we’ll feel that reality and fantasy differs too greatly. And because of that, it’s hard not to feel the throbbing heartaches.

Maybe to pour it all out is the best way of escaping from this, but that also needs a lot of courage!

When you like/love someone another person with a partner, this makes the escape route much more harder. Maybe by writing it out would be much more easier! But even it’s only a few sentences, the hidden messages between the lines carries much more meaning than the handwriting we are able to see.

In the end, I’m still unable to send the letter out, with its content written below:

The First (Second) Letter

Dear ____,

This is not the first time,
(Ever since the beginning
I can only play the role
Of the person who can only watch your hands being held by someone else)

And I really hate this where
(Even before the actual product
Haven’t even started to be designed and modeled,
It’s destroyed because it’s considered as a failure)

Even before the show started I’m destined to be the outsider.
(Yet I’m still forced to decide
Whether to be on the good or bad side.
What a pity that I can’t even act as the third party)

(As much as I knew that getting out from it as early as possible
Would have made my life much more easier
Yet what a pity that I have been fallen too deep for you)

As long as I can see you from afar,
(I’d still unknowingly
Trying to observe all the small things about you
And hoping that I’m able to give you something, because…)

Seeing you being happy,
(Seeing your smile…
Listening to your friendly words of encouragement…
Thinking about the good things in you…)

That’ll be the best gift you can give me.
(That why I don’t mind
Being able to be with you as a friend forever.
Just maintaining it that way would be enough for me.)

From a friend who is concerned about you (And who wishes to play the role Of the person beside you Who would share the ups and downs with you from time to time)

End notes

[Current Music: ayumi hamasaki’s ANGEL’S SONG (from Memorial Address)]

At this time of writing, the monitor is showing the finale of Wai Loon’s love story. Even though we feel for him and sympathize him for what had happened, we also know that the ending of one story will be the beginning of another. Maybe at that time, the good ending has already been started, then it all comes down to whether it’ll be written down or not.

Just hope that everyone will be happy, that’ll be the greatest gift.

The English translation is pretty much rushed, as usual, but I suppose it should do the trick. Ja! Have to go back to the library and study ^^.

Written by

Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.