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Seh Hui Leong


Due to the disappointments that I have encountered yesterday, I slept extremely early yesterday (about 9? @_@”). Before that, orange juice does help a lot in easing a disappointed soul. And I woke up feeling better, the only problem is that I woke up at 3 in the morning XDDDD. So I pretty much spent some time catching up stuff as well have fun with some fun para routines (Currently <333 777, and Medusa’s routine is TOTALLY random… I doubt that I want to learn that XDDD).

Then slept back at 9, only to notice that I’m going to be late for class when I woke up at 11! (class starts at noon, but I need an hour to get to school) I just don’t want to be late for school today, since I only have an hour of class today ;__;. (Translation: Someone haven’t got over with missing Choon Hui missing dilemma ^^”)

Well… I still feel slightly disappointed when I saw him, but in some way I feel happy just by seeing him. Maybe he has some sort of positive aura? I don’t know, I do know that I regained my happiness and confidence ever since I get to know him better. These positive feelings have been seeping out from me and I never knew that regained them back from someone else. Maybe I’m starting to grow up myself, and getting better in learning how to recover from situations like this.

I’m still not giving up though, of course, just that I have my priority changed a bit. For now, I’m just content for being a friend with him (of course, if Lady Luck allows, I definitely stick to my plan. But that’s something beyond my control), and I’ll still probe around for the time being. 😊 Steven remind me again that my body language still show obvious signs that I wanted Choon Hui. What the heck, as if I can just contain my emotions without feeling hurt. But seeing that there’s a possibility that Choon Hui might stay away from me if that continues, so I guess I’ll try to find a balance to that.

Mid-terms tomorrow, hopefully everything will be OK. Thank god someone did ask for my help, otherwise I might forget to revise. ^^”

Wish me luck!


Stolen from deshy, but I definitely miss Chi, so…:

If anyone has any information about drifting_floe, otherwise known as SeraphicLaw to all RPGamer folks, please, please share it. He’s been gone for a long time now, and some of us are getting worried. I tried his email, and it no longer exists; he’s never on AIM or MSN under his usual name. I know he used to frequent the DSLNet boards, but since they’ve died and been resurrected… I don’t know.

Thanks to anyone who can help. (Note from myself: If possible, please pass this round, thanks!)

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