TV And The Heat

Seh Hui Leong


Today is TOTALLY hot! Well… living in a country near the equator is like having summer the whole year round, but it seems that there’s a heat wave or something. The heat is so unbearable that the house is totally stuffy. Oh crap… I do wish it rain someday.

On another note, I have been gluing myself in front of the TV the whole night with my family today. Been catching the finale of Survivor All-Stars and the Badminton match between Denmark and Indonesia. And wow! It does get really personal in Survivor! I liked it when Shii An said that “If you wish to live in a glasshouse, don’t live near the stones” (or something like that). And it’s a mix of laughs and touchiness when it comes to the castaways comments when they vote. It does show how strong and fragile human relations can do to a person.

After that, we switched to watch the third singles and the determining Badminton match. Denmark won and that ends Indonesia’s dominance in the Thomas Cup for six years. So the finals will be between China and Denmark, and of course, China is the current favourite.

And… oh yeah! I did a few animated sprites today:

'Witch flying' 'Witch being hit'

Oh yeah! The previous screenshot is updated ;).

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