Relationship Blues (And A Few Artworks)

Seh Hui Leong


Yesterday night was really a heart-throbbing experience… It’s nothing really, just the “Allen obsessive-compulsive syndrome” ^^”. As much as I know that it happens (especially considering the fact this was my first time)… well, my brain can’t seem to erase the fact that he’ll always be there and kept on screaming “I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HIM!!!” sigh Guess I need some time to cool down a bit. My heartbeat rate seems to increase by a factor of x the whole day, possibly excited. Well… it was painfully… sweet.

And yeah, I spent the whole night drawing stuff for my pen-pal, who is involve in their manga group called Crazy Catz, and here’s what I came out with:

'Ayumi and Kage (Characters by Sakura, Crazy Catz)'

Ayumi and Kage (Characters by Sakura, Crazy Catz)

'Sheore (coloured)'

Sheore (coloured)

The inked one took me quite a long time, and after inking I did notice some major boo-boos (Argh! Stupid crossing arms in the wrong position) and the hatching can be better. And the colour pencilled one is pretty much rushed. But anyway… did spent me about 6~10 hours completing them both, hope you enjoy it!

What else, oh! Today should be the time when I should start my readings groan. But I think I’ll pop-up in Time Square to join our Parapara gathering for a few hours.Dom has went to Japan, hope she has a good time! 😉 And I halfway into adding new CDs into my collection, heh heh… (um… just hope everything turns well for me :p)

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Seh Hui Leong

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