Just Before My Catching Up Plans Starts…

Seh Hui Leong



This morning, the Students Affairs Department request for yet another wording change for their recycling contest poster. Basically I was only involved because apparently the Students Affairs drag the Computer Society as their co-organizers. And after spending quite some time designing the first poster (which is during my nasty Operating Systems assignment rush), which I took a hell lot of time to think of a catchy title and description, they asked me to reword the whole darn thing to a “straight-to-the-point” kind of poster (I admit mine is a little bit long-winded, but ask me to change everything! God damn it, I took an hour to think about a design that goes well with the text!!!).

I get so pissed off the day before that I don’t really cared: I only changed the wording according to their attached document, word for word. And I don’t even cared about proof-reading the darn thing, which I usually do. Then today, they just asked me to fixed some of their errors that I already spotted and ignored. Hah! As much that means sending it again and more work, I can’t stop but chuckle. And the poster didn’t look good as it should, ahhahahaha! I don’t think I would want to put that poster in my portfolio.

God… I’m bitter. 😛 Here’s a link of the original poster:

'Recycling Contest Poster'

In case you are wondering what’s the modified text:

RECYCLING COMPETITION: Put on your thinking cap & be creative!

Turn what you think are unwanted or not useful into masterpieces

  • A new invention?
  • A piece of artistic deco?
  • Or something useful?

Great prizes to be won!! So hurry & register!

I wonder whether a straight to the point yet short and effective poster, or the longer and creative hook-line-and-sinker method is better…? Mine does look a little bit long-winded, though -_-“.


Spent the whole day reorganizing my CD collection music files in my computer. Basically I have one of those ID3 tag managers called MP3 Book Keeper, and replaced all those “Various Artists” to the actual artist names. Thankfully I had those artist names inserted in the file names, and the conversion is pretty much painless. The software does need some time to getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a really powerful (and they have the undo feature!). So now all my Eurobeat music files shows the exact artist name instead of having it tagged with the song title with the artists labelled as “Various Artists”.

Of course, I also renamed the file names to reflect the changes that I had made, which means that I have to reconstruct my whole playlist, but it’s worth the trouble. Look Ma! No “Various Artists”! ^-^v

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