About Me

I am a software developer in Malaysia and had mainly worked on gaming systems since 2004. In the virtual world, I’m also a blogger, manga artist, paralist and amateur writer of tutorials.

Currently I’m interested in personal development, lifestyle enrichment and design, open source and Ajax technologies, and am actually looking forward to use this website as a platform for me to share my current thoughts and discoveries about my interests in general.

I can be reached via email, or just drop me comments on posts that you find useful or helpful.

Contact information

Quick info

  • Professional Profile (LinkedIn): http://www.linkedin.com/in/felixleong

  • Interests: Open source stuff, personal development, lifestyle enrichment design

  • Hobbies: Introspection, reading, writing… occasionally doing something creative (e.g. drawing)

  • Currently learning: Japanese, investment principles, Ajax (liking MooTools and jQuery) and productivity boosting techniques